What is Shuttle Stuff?

Shuttle Stuff is an online marketplace to buy and sell furniture. We pick up from sellers and deliver to buyers, it's that simple.  

Why Shuttle Stuff?

Shuttle Stuff makes selling and buying pre-owned furniture simple and affordable. The hassles of craigslist and ebay are a far cry from easy. We offer a service which takes all the hassles out of the equation and makes buying & selling furniture easy and fun again. For the seller, simple means scheduling pickups at your convenience, naming your price, and timely payment. For the buyer, simple means choosing what you like, buying online, and having it delivered right to where your abode, or picking it up from our centrally located mid-town location. We pickup and deliver 3 days a week during our launch period. Whether it's mid-century modern, or slightly pre-owned from Pottery Barn, we want to be the easiest way for you to get your hands on it.

What areas does Shuttle Stuff service?

During our Launch Period we are currently servicing the following zip codes, 63102, 63101, 63103, 63104, 63110, 63108, 63112, 63139, 63105, 63117, 63130, 63143, 63119, 63144, 63124, 63132, 63122, 63131, 63141. We do not do pickups in Illinois at this time. These zip codes have been selected to help ensure timely delivery and pickup for our clients. We will still pickup and deliver with arraignment to areas outside this zone. Just get a hold of us and we'll work it out. We hope to soon be able to service the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Please remember that scheduled pickup at our warehouse is available by Appointment only.

What is consignment?

When you consign with Shuttle Stuff, you transfer items into our custody, we store and sell them for you. When you submit items to our site, you agree to our consignment agreement. When your item sells, we send you a payment for your percentage of the sale (50% unless you change it after 30 days). 

Where can I see the full consignment agreement?

The consignment agreement can be found (here). Our pickup specialist will also have a copy for you to sign when we pickup your stuff. Please contact us if you have any questions about consignment.



What types of items can I consign?

You can consign the most common types of home decor. The only furniture we will not consider are certain beds mattresses, or anything you have to plug in besides lamps. We do have a quality standard to maintain and reserve the right to refuse furniture that has does not meet these standards. We also can refuse furniture that is misrepresented before pickup. 

How is my furniture valued and priced?

Being a consignment, you are responsible for pricing your stuff. You keep 50% of your price. We are able to help price things if you are not up to date with the current market. We will offer suggestions based on original price, condition, age, and style of the item if you need our help. Please note, we may discount your sale price by up to 40% of our half of the consignment. After 30 days of your listing, you can contact us and reduce your sale price which is split equally. 

What happens once my stuff sells?

Once your furniture sells and has cleared our return policy(48hrs), we will issue a check for your payout amount within (30) business days. Don't worry, its usually much faster than 30 days.

What is the consignment fee?

Our consignment fee is 50% of the sale price. Promotions, discounts or special offers made by Shuttle Stuff come out of the Shuttle Stuff half of the sale. Markdowns made after 30 days by you are equally split between you and Shuttle Stuff. 

What happens if my furniture doesn’t sell?

You stuff will list on our marketplace for 60 days. If after this time period you stuff does not sell, you will be contacted by us using the method you indicate when we pick up your stuff. You can choose to have the stuff returned to you for a fee, choose to pick it up at the warehouse, or choose to have the stuff donated. If you do not reply to Shuttle Stuff within 7 days of being contacted, your furniture will become the property of Shuttle Stuff.

If I want to sell my furniture, how does the process work?

To sell furniture on our marketplace, snap pictures with your phone, fill in basic information about the pieces you are selling, and add any additional information or stories that will help them sell, then email them to us at Sell@shuttlestuff.com. We will contact you to arrange a convenient pick uptime, and will take all the hassle of selling furniture off your shoulders. We then will post the item/items to our website. Once a buyer purchases your item, you will receive a payment from Shuttle Stuff within 30 days. In addition to listing your stuff, we will provide slight cleaning and restoration services to ensure it looks its best before listing on our site. We recommend a slight cleaning before you send us submission as to help better your chances of selection.


How easy is the buying process?

Once you've found the perfect piece on our online marketplace, add it to your cart. Use the checkout button on the top right corner of the the website to view and complete checkout. This will alert our staff to contact you and arrange delivery at your convenience.  

Tell me about Delivery?

No truck, no problem. We understand getting your stuff where you want it is half the battle. Let Shuttle Stuff deliver your piece so you don't have to move an inch. We will even assemble the item for you if it is needed. Our standard delivery fee is $45 and its free if you order over $500 in stuff. This is less than half the delivery fee charged by most major furniture stores and far less than boxed furniture from most websites. Right now Shuttle Stuff is making deliveries three days a week. After you place your order online, we will contact you to set up the delivery. It's that simple. 

Note: Please do you best to confirm big items will fit through your doorway for delivery. This helps insure you can actually get the items you buy into your abode. 

Can I see furniture in-person before buying it?

Please contact us to arrange a time to see items in our warehouse. This viewing is by appointment only and must be pre-arranged. Please email Buy@shuttlestuff.com to discuss times. Please note that by making an appointment does not mean the item is on hold. 

I see slashes through some items prices, what does this mean?

At ShuttleStuff we do our best to price our items correctly. When you see a slash through a price, this simple means we have found the item priced this way somewhere else(usually on the internet) and are simply showing you the its cost. We hope this helps you see how we are committed to saving you money and getting our customers great deals. 

What about sizes?

Shuttle stuff will do its best to get the sizes for every product. Simple, check the size on the product page to be sure it fits in your space. 

What types of payments does Shuttle Stuff accept?

We accept all major credit cards for online transactions as well as paypal and goodle checkout. Shuttle is secure and hassle free.

Can I pick up furniture after purchasing online instead of having it delivered?

Yes, at checkout please select "Pickup by appointment" and we will contact you to schedule a time. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

What is Shuttle Stuff’s return policy?

You are highly encouraged to confirm that the items delivered are what you purchased upon their arrival to your home or apartment, prior to accepting them. Beyond that, you are given 48 hours to email our customer service team at Connect@shuttlestuff.com to arrange for a time for us to retrieve the item. Our restocking fee is $45 per item but may vary based on number of items, type of item, and location. The pickup fee may be deducted from your purchase or charged separately. Items may not be returned by yourself at our warehouse if they were delivered. 

Please see our full Return Policy